Summertime Halloween Special Three shocking serials with a sinister premise by Garrett Gainey and Terry Wagner. The sick color job by Dave Silverio.
Paladin 1 A young college student is thrust into a world hidden from him filled with machine gun weilding orcs and vicious techno-mages! Story by Terry Wagner. Art by Garrett Gainey. Colors by Cynthia Conner.
Shifters #1 Six patients with multiple personality disorder are being treated at a facility with an experimental drug to suppress the disorder. During a stressful situation, the drug's amazing side effect is exposed; all the patients begin to physically manifest their personalities. Suddenly the patient's world is turned upside down as they begin to cope with their new problems. Story by Terry Wagner and Cheryl Voskamp and Art by Charles Michael. Cover colors by Terry Wagner
Direct Sale Price $3.00
Shifters #2 After they are transported to a secure facility for observation the patients go about their lives. But Kitty and Eve are bored of staying in the facility and decide that a night on the town is a bit of good fun they can get away with. Meanwhile Bill and Priscilla are investigating a recent string of unsolved murders in the area. Story by Terry Wagner and Cheryl Voskamp and Art by Charles Michael. Cover colors by Terry Wagner
Direct Sale Price $3.00
Shifters #3 The girls have run into trouble! Bill and Priscilla are on their way to help but are they too late? The Shifters face off with the killer who has been terrorizing the dark alleys of the city. Story by Terry Wagner and Art by Charles Michael. Cover colors by Ayla Bly
Direct Sale Price $3.00
Shifters #4 Dealing with the aftermath of the previous events takes its toll on the Shifters. Eve's mom comes to pick her up from the facility for her safety and it sends Kitty into an inner conflict. Story by Terry Wagner and Art by Charles Michael. Cover colors by Ram Perez
Direct Sale Price $3.00
Shifters #5 Dirk is on the hunt for the killer. He wanders the dark alleys searching for clues to take down the beast man. Story by Terry Wagner and Art by Charles Michael.
Direct Sale Price $3.00
Fusion #1 A young graduate student stumbles upon a discovery that changes his whole world; a ancient suit of armor from a long lost alien race. He fights his way to the evil corporation that has stolen the artifacts from the temple to recover them.
Fusion 1 on Kindle Kindle Price $0.99
Fusion #2 After discovering the alien armor Wade moves to recover the artifacts that were stolen from the temple. But the corporation is waiting for him. In a bid to secure the armor they send their agent using a composite set of armor garnered to confront him and take back the armor.
Fusion 2 on Kindle Kindle Price $0.99
Fusion #3 After escaping the grasp of Exocorp Wade takes some down time to recover with the assistance of a young scientist that Smith had told him about. But his recovery time is short lived. A menace is terrorizing the city and calling for the original owner of the armor, the long dead Tolsteco. Feeling as though he is the only one who can put a stop to this Wade again dons the newly upgraded armor to stop the madness. Story by Terry Wagner. Art by Allen Adams III. Cover colors by Terry Wagner
Direct Sale Price $3.00
Fusion #4 Chaos ensues as Fusion faces down Ravager from S.H.O.C. And nothing is going to stop him from taking the armor from Wade even if he has to tear it from his body. Wade battles to protect the armor and his life. Story by Terry Wagner. Art by Allen Adams III
Season of Storms/Suicide Jacks
Season of Storms/Suicide Jacks #0 by Allen Adams III and Damon C. Jackson The war is here and the human race is making a pre-emptive strike! Trained for years in secret to be the protectors of humanity, the Storms, hide in the shadows ever vigilant. Read the prequel to Allen's upcoming "Season of Storms". Also in this issue an introduction to the "Suicide Jacks". Trained to take down super-powered villains with no special powers of their own. Every mission is a suicide mission! Brought to you by Allen Adams III with the additional talents of Terry Wagner and Walter Jimenez II. Cover colors of Suicide Jacks by Ty Tyner
Season of Storms/Suicide Jacks #0 on Kindle Kindle Price $0.99
The Corpse
The Corpse/Spandex Avenger #1 The freshest? superhero around. "The Corpse" begins his journey in fighting crime the only way he knows how. A twisted tale from the mind of Garrett Gainey. Also in this issue, because you demanded it, The Spandex Avenger! With new fantastic slam bang art! Protecting the city from the evil Captain Clown may be more than the Spandex Avenger can handle on his own.
The Corpse/Spandex Avenger #1 on Kindle Kindle Price $0.99
The Corpse #2 Too Legit to quit! He's back fighting evil only as he can. But this time the world is turned inside out and chaos ensues as the corpse must fight an evil version of himself. Plus, they're back! The bank robbers(Mike, Frank and Shimiti) have a meeting to try and figure out where they went wrong. How did the Corpse beat them? Warning may not be suitable for younger readers.
The Corpse #2 on Kindle Kindle Price $0.99
NASA Toons #1 A look back on the space shuttle program with some wacky cartoons from the mind of Terry Wagner.
NASA Toons #1 on Kindle Kindle Price $0.99
Mental Diversions Presents #1 featuring Garrett Gainey This magazine sized comic features the art of Garrett Gainey and a story by Terry Wagner. This is Garrett's first professional published work. The cover designed by Garrett is designed for him to personalize it for the fans. Print Run 100 copies.
Mental Diversions Presents #2 This mini-comic features work from all the contributors at Mental Diversions including Allen Adams III, Damon Jackson, Cheryl Voscamp, Dani VanWinkle, Garrett Gainey and Terry Wagner. It also includes a preview of Allen Adams III's artwork on Fusion. Print Run 100 copies.
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