Terry Wagner
Terry was in comics many years before deciding to strike out and create Mental Diversions Studio. Terry is presently authoring short stories and continuing the storylines for “Fusion” and "Shifters".
Damon C. Jackson
Damon is the creative force behind “The Impalers,” “Dead Men,” and other independent work. Damon is currently authoring “Midnight Storm” and stories and art for Mentally Challenged Magazine, and developing “Gods of Thunder” with Allen.
Allen Adams III
Allen, prolific artist, has created a pantheon of characters and stories, such as “Season of Storms” and “Alpha American.” Allen is providng his creative talents to the art of “Fusion”.
Garrett Gainey
Garrett is the creator of off-beat superheroes, such as “Jacked!” and "The Corpse.” Garrett's current project is Paladin as well as continuing on the Corpse.
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Clarissa Wagner
Clarissa is never far from her digital tablet, she enjoys working in pencil, pen, and ink while keeping up-to-date on all information Manga and comic related. Currentlty she is inking Shifters and she is finishing up her first anime comic for Mental Diversions.
Sam Carcamo
Paradise Lost, Arcane
James Linares
Losing the Thunder
Charles Michael
Charles is the penciller on Shifters. Charles has wanted to work in the comic book industry for years. He has taken over the mantle of Shifters which challenges him daily.
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